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Baboon Media is a young company driven by creativity and a constant search for innovative solutions. Our passion is mobile applications development and the design process is in our blood. Years of programming experience, combined with technical expertise, are the building blocks for apps that are not only highly functional, but also beautiful and visually appealing.

We know that mobile is the future and we are positioned to offer our clients the endless possibilities this new market presents.

We specialize in designing and building apps that showcase our clients' brand image. We guarantee your app will maximize your brand impact on the end user.

We are a team of dreamers and risk takers with no boundaries. Our clients appreciate the special relationship we form during the design process and our mission is to produce products that make us proud. We are confident that we can deliver a cost effective app of unparalleled quality.

Mobile Strategy

Chart 1

2014 marks the first time the web is accessed more through mobile devices than via desktop computers.

Chart 2

More users are using mobile devices to access the web and, more than 80% of the time, they do so by using apps and not browsers.

Chart 3

70% of mobile searchers prefer brand apps and 76% of mobile users think brands should offer mobile apps to make interacting and shopping easier.

Chart 4

The mobile future is now and we are here to help our clients transition into a mobile strategy easily and seamlessly.

The Process


Our experienced staff will meet with you to discuss your needs. Through a process of relevant questions, we will assess the requirements of your business and identify the areas for improved marketing (ROI, engagement, brand awareness, etc.).


We will present a strategy based on the best user experience to achieve the targeted results.


Once we agree on the correct strategy, we will start the creative process. Our team believes strongly in brainstorming. Quick and aggressive iterations on concepts and designs have consistently given us the best solutions.


The final step is the birth of your mobile application. Flawless design, attention to details and creative presentation are what separate our apps from all others.

Learn how we created the Secrets Resorts & Spas experience for the iPad.

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